Thursday, August 26, 2010

To Warren part II

"Welcome Mr . Warren.. "
"Hello there.."

"Is been awhile since the last interview, so would you mind to update us about your status? "
"Yeah..Is getting worse..Everything just don't seem to go as I wish.. "

"Wow , what happened ? "
"I quit my job , I screwed up a date , I had conflicts and misunderstanding with peoples.. "

"Whats the reason ? "
"I think I am just a total failure at everything. I am childish , immature , insecure , impatient . "

"Who said that ?? "
"A girl , that i just broke up with. "

"Whats your feeling right now ?? "
"Dying , losing hopes , drowning in sorrow , disappointed , useless , all negative thoughts . "

"Cheer up , pal . "
"I wished , if I could , I am done , I had given up on life deep in my heart , but i had no choice to keep living. I don't dare to dream on future , I am just waiting that one day some incident happen and grab my life ."

"Stop behaving like a loser ! "
"I am a loser ! What have I achieved ? What did I gain after all ? Loneliness ? Regretment ? "

" Piak " (* a tight slap on face ) " Wake up you idiot ! "
" Leave me alone , I don't need companion , I am dark knight , I just a loneful warrior that fight for nothing. "

"I think we should stop the interview right now, save anything for next time. "

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

To Warren

" Warren Har , briefly tell us about you... "
" I am a boy , lazy , don't socialize , very self centered... "

" How bout your family ?? "
" I have lovely parents that pampered me a lot and a weird but caring brother and a healthy nanny."

" Are you happy with your life ?? "
" Yeah , I suppose I have to... "

" Why you sounds like you are in depression ?? ''
'' I dunno , past 19 years , I get everything I wanted...I don't lack of money nor friends...I have a great job that I enjoy working as... "

" Love ?? "
" I don't think so...erm..yeah...maybe last time...but not been two years afterall "

" So you had moved on ?? "
" I don't..I have great memories with her..but I know we are not meant to I don't think even wanna think about it :) "

" You are doubting your answer . "
" Sorry , I don't know how to answer...maybe I miss her...but without love that kind of , you know .. "

" Is ok , what are you busying at lately ?? "
" Hooo , ( grab a breath ) exam bout hair theory , keyboard lesson , figuring out future , developing new interest , haix...insufficient time... "

" ( Gosh ) Having fun ?? "
" Sometimes...But I tend to get stress and emotional :P ''

'' Well .. for ending...what you gonna share to us , example ; where you are heading ?? "
" I am quite lifeless at the moment , but I never lose faith in future...I am going oversea next year no matter what it cost...I gotta give up on this pampered time to achieve something...I don't come back till I succeed...Tough , you think ?? nope...If you realized how many times my parents , exes , friends found disappointment on me... "

Saturday, September 26, 2009

18th Birthday Wishes

September 25 2009
Birthday BIRTHDAY OMG!!!!

To everyone...Thanks For Rembering My birthday...Special Thanks to Danny , Belle , Joce , Yik , Yung , Kong for accompany me...Thank you Danny for your cake...Thanks Woo for purposely stay late to gaming with me...Thanks Choong Keng for spending your precious study time for me..Thanks for people who wishes me through FaceBook and Msn..
Wen Jing , Asen , Wei Ken , Ian , Yoon Huey , Eemir , Jason , Siew Min , Hui Kay , Chang Nam and Melanie

Not to forget message i received through phone

00:00 Ashley
It's a warm sunny day.. De sunlight penetrate thru every corner on another half of de earth.. At dis time, de baby crying voice breaks de silence.. Everyone's faces are drawn wit smiles to welcome de arrival of de little angel to de world.. Dis little angel is then named as warren,he is a precious gift dedicated to a pair of lucky couples. His arrival brought joys to de ppl around him, and his 18th year of birthday wil nt be forgotten. Happy birthday !! :)

00:02 Nicole
生日快乐 o :)

00:13 Vanessa
Happy Birthday!!!

00:35 Sean
Happy birthday! Mari warren's day! LOL

01:33 Miko
Happy birthday to u! from miko

01:34 Eddy
Yo~brother..happy birthday wo..happy happy ya..

01:36 Sanlese
Huhu :0~brother hapi birthday to u neh..all the best 4 u,n wish u hapi 4ever n ever..

08:19 Daddy
Hi son,Happy Birthday and all the best in your career and undertakings

08:51 Jason
Happy birthday..

09:17 Aunt
Happy birthday to you!

10:13 Carol
Happy birthday to u.when u come back.

12:48 Jojo
Happy B'DAY . 18years old dy. Don't be naughty ya . Hahahahaha

16:41 Yen Lee
Happy birthday to u..enjoy yr happy day..

20:28 Carrie
Warren. Happy birthday to you.Happy birthday to you. H0h0.celebrating a? So fun o

22:28 Jowen
Hey Warren, Jowen here! Happy birthday. Have a blessed birthday. Take care.

Finally ; BILLION THANKS FOR A FRIEND...David Goh Yan Hoe for accompany me atleast 23 hours..You deserved the title BUDDY OF THE YEAR...
People...I wish for your best !! :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thanks ( I said I am crying when I typing this )

2009 August 26...I drove my new myvi my dad bought me from Ipoh to KL...
My dad assisted me for the whole trip...
He gave me advice through his driving experience...

Dad :" you should slow down when u cornering and passing the bridge..."
Son :" o...( as long as i dont crash... )"

(moment of silence)

Dad :" you know...sometimes if your brother needs the should give him...don't just take it as own our family car..."
Son :" o...( if i dont need it ofcox i gonna let him... )
Dad :" be very careful and concentrate on the road...No speeding and both hand on the steering...British peoples drive using 2 :40 or 10 :20 ( referring to clock )
Son :" o...( I know...I so don't wanna die too )
Dad :" and dont borrow your car to your friends..the insurance only include you ,your brother and me..
Son :" o...( why should I ? ~feeling annoyed )

(radio : Taylor Swift ; Love Story )

Dad :" you better behave yourself...your mom and me gave you whatever you are said you want a car...and we gave a car..."
Son :" o...( well..thanks then.. )
Dad :" make sure you treasure all from my savings , my epf money i worked for the past 20 - 30 years...
Son :" o...( feeling kinda guilty... )
Dad :" at first I plan to use this money to get the new Proton's Exora...the 7 seated car...but since you wanted a new car...I just brought it to you...and i can tell cost me all...So I just gonna drive back my own old car...
Son :" o...( started to feel bad )

(radio : Coldplay ; Viva la Vida )

Dad :" I never drive a new car before since I grow up...Always only can afford to buy a old car...Your grandpa never sponsor me even a dollar when i said i wan to buy a car...He said you want a car you buy yourself...He is poor...I work for my living expenses while I studied at England..I open my restaurant last time using my own money...Even my wedding I paid myself... ( flashback all the times he been through )
Son :" ...( cant say a word )
Dad :" You truly blessed by god for living such easy and comfort life... "
Son :" ...( something gonna rush out from my eyes )

(drive into the rest stop...enter the washroom silently)
Deep within ,
For all this year....I never been good to him...I always treated him so cold...
I din even chat properly with him before...And still...He did so much for me....
He even respond to my nonsense request...He worked so hard for so many years just to fulfill his own dream of having a new car...And when he had the money to get it...He choose to give it to his children...
yeah...maybe you gonna his responsibility or is not anything

So !!??
Always in my heart...He is not the type of people to tell his past and feeling..He always seems so far and cool to me...He always passes his message through my mom to me...Is the first time I feel the love and gentle underneath his bold and cool outlook...Is so so touching...At that really moment...I realized he is so old...and I hurt him a lot through my growing stage...I have totally misunderstand him...I feel so useless...

(get back to the trip...)

Son :" hey dad...I wanted to go to overseas next year...( I gonna earn big money...I gonna repay
Dad :" well if you think you are making the right choice I am not gonna stop you...go and grab
your dream...dont waste your life....
Son :" o...o...kay...( started to sound like crying again... )
Dad :" if that is your need to work hard now...gain more experience....
Son :'' o...( yeah...I not gonna fail you...I just wish i am not too far behind on the track )

(radio : David Archuleta ; Touch My Hand )

Son ( Dad...sorry for every mistake and wrong step i made...I never feel so much love before...I truly glad I have parents like you and mom...You two are the greatest to me...I know I have been selfish...Forgive me for being so childish...Thanks for the lecture...I am awake by now...Please dont worry for me...I gonna make you two proud...I promise...Dad , one day , I gonna buy u a brand new comfort big and luxury car...

God , my ever wishes to you...
Please take good care of both of them...
I still have lots more to repay them...
Please allow the day to come...

I love You..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Story of a noob player Team with a pro Gamer

Is a voice out from a NOOB player...

I am not a pro...
I know I feed alot...
I know I cant kill...
I know I cant even farm...

do you think I wish to be a noob??
do you think I wish to feed??
do you think I wish to leak kills??
do you think I wish to being denied by opponent??

NO !!
I want to be a pro also...
I want to avoid death too...
I want to HOLY SHIT triple kill...
I want to farm my full set and impress you all...

Is just...
I am still noob...
I cant escape from enemy by using F.O.G...
I cant even ks my teammate because of my poor last hitting...
I cant farm at all cause I have sux lane control....

So Pro...
Pls understand...
I am just...

I Do

My best friend gonna get married soon...June 13...and i gonna be his best man yeah...haha..
happy for him...and cant wait for that day...
Best friend's wedding makes me busy as him...
Gotta get my hair done...get a new suit for his wedding...take care of my in preparing his wedding...oh god...even thought i'm complaining but i will carry my role willingly and enjoying...
This is my first time becoming a groomsmen and this is also my first time participating in my friends wedding...OmG..He reminds me that i am in need of LOVE...I truly envy him @@
Still cant believe his is getting married so soon...
But i sure that is not gonna be a block between our dreams right...
Haha...Looking forward till the is something more then a friend's wedding...
Gonna keep some secret to myself...not blogging out this... :p
I sure everything gonna be smooth and fine....

Jason...wish u have good year ahead...with your wife....and your children...
And...pray that i am going to be a fantastic best man or groomsmen ever in the century ^^

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I need some one to talk to....But no one seems suitable to me...I mean...yeah...No ONE is my current Friend's circle....
I need new friends....I need someone that i don't know them that i could waste some time to figure them out....
I just need....
some one to talk to me....


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